Whether you are an elite athlete or a first timer, our trainers will create a specialized program necessary for you to exceed your health & fitness goals.  We offer several membership packages depending how many classes per week you plan to attend. Once you become a member, you may attend any of our group class sessions that fit best within your schedule and goals.

Crossfit Group Classes

The CrossFit group class is our core program, and we recommend these classes for everyone, as they focus on a mix of functional exercises with kettlebells, medicine balls, bands, barbells, dumbbells, rope climbs, gymnastics, plyometrics, Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, running, rowing, jump roping, tire flips, and sled pulls & pushes.

Our group classes teach on all levels of fitness, from basic to advanced, with all ages and abilities. The coach’s primary focus in the crossfit group class program is to help each individual achieve his or her fitness goals, while learning new skills and maintaining proper form. The load and movements can be scaled as needed so good form and proper technique are maintained to minimize injury.

Not comfortable in a group setting?  Our coaches would be more than happy to discuss personal training sessions or foundational movements classes.  See our schedule for class times.

Drop-in Classes

  • Please come 10-15 minutes early. Stop by the front desk, say hello and sign our waiver. Please let us know if you have any injuries and/or limitations.
  • You can also send us an email at or call (954)-822-4945 to let us know you’ll be dropping in. Refer to our schedule for class times.
  • Drop in fee is $20 per class.