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Our Community


Meet our good friend and athlete Ron Castaneda. Ron has been with us for over one  year, lost over 45 pounds and recently competed in his very first Crossfit competition. Along side his team they placed top ten in there division. We definitely push him to his limits and he sure responds. Proud of you Ron for all your achievements. We are looking forward to keep encouraging you bud, always !!!


“Crossfit to me means so much more than physical fitness. Along with my Coaches and friends at Beach Bound Crossfit, it has given me a greater mental fortitude that I consider to be invaluable and that I apply to my everyday life. Thankful to my coaches for the everyday push and I look forward to that.”

Ron Castaneda

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“I have been working out with Camilla for over 2 years starting at her boot camp. Then I followed her to kettlebell conditioning and now crossfit at Beach Bound Crossfit.  I have always worked out at different gyms throughout the years, but i never saw much of a change or any results until I started working out with Camilla.  Her method of nutrition and workouts totally transformed me shape and fitness level.  I am in the BEST physical condition i have ever been in my life thanks to Camilla.  “I love going to Iron Core Fitness because I feel amazing and accomplished afterward.  Every time I finish class, I feel like I’ve pushed myself more than the last one and I feel like I am getting stronger each time.  Camilla is an amazing athlete and coach who encourages and supports you to push yourself to the your next level and never to give up the fight to succeed!!”

Jeannine Santini Green
Boynton Beach, FL


“I’ve spent most of my teenage years struggling with my weight.  I remember, roughly 4 years ago, when I first met Coach Camilla I thought to myself, “I wanna look like THAT!”. I instantly fell in love with Coach’s style of training.  She kicked my butt!!! But not in a “drill sergeant” or “in your face” type of way… Over the years I’ve followed Coach’s journey from a freelancing PT and beach bootcamps, to now gym owner.  I absolutely admire her dedication and passion for what she does for us.  She keeps up with the latest knowledge of fitness and health and takes the care to study each of her student/athletes as well.  Even in group settings, you get personal attention and encouragement.  I have no prior athletic background, and training with Coach these past few years have given me the desire to physically do things I would’ve never thought to do growing up.  I’m so grateful to have met such an awesome Coach and caring person! “

Madala Yang, 29
(Master eyebrow and eyelash specialist)


“When I started crossfit with Beach Bound Crossfit my only goal was to lose weight !! Well I was wrong!! After losing 40 pounds in less than 4 months I realized there is so much more into it. It’s way more than just training, losing weight…sometimes I can’t explain , it’s more than just feeling good about ourselves! It’s about working hard and seeing results and accomplishing things everyday, plus wanting more of ourselves. On top of that, there is a huge positive feeling  that we feel and give to each other  there and the support we get from are coaches it’s priceless!! I love your dedication and support to the fullest!!!!!!!

Renne Freitas
Deerfield Beach, FL