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Meet our Team

Camilla Silva

Owner & Head Coach

Camilla’s Sports Journey began as a young kid trained in martial arts . At age 14 she started her Fitness journey .     At this age she struggled with her weight and appearance , because of that she committed to a strength & conditioning program alongside a professional coach; she than became a stronger , confident , healthier and overall happy person , which led her to discover her passion about Fitness and become a professional in health & fitness.

At age 18 Camilla entered Estacio de Sa University ( Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) to study Physical Education. After college, she decided to move to USA where she studied and became a certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA CPT /CSCS) and Certified Personal Trainer (ISSA).

In 2006 she was introduced to unconventional forms of training methodology done in a warehouse such as Russian Kettlebell , tire flips, weightlifting and gymnastics . Camilla fell in love with the high intensity , functional and unconventional training techniques . She then began training her clients this way and She realized how efficient it was.  

In 2006 she got certified on Level 1, level 2 and Master Russian Kettlebell training . Camilla discovered  Crossfit and realized that this methodology challenged her  physically and mentally while bringing her back to her back to competitive Martial Arts roots.  She devoted her time and energy to learn  Crossfit so she can coach and challenge her clients the same way she does for herself.

Camilla is mom , loves to be outdoors , a beach lover , Crossfit passionate , Crossfit it’s her passion , it’s her drive , it’s her lifestyle , she loves that coaching Crossfit gives her the ability to help people reach their best and fullest potential.  She is motivated and excited on a daily basis to step inside her gym Beach Bound Crossfit and do what she does best 



Bachelor Degree in Physical Education – Estacio de Sa University

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist NSCA-CSCS


Agility  & Conditioning Coach UERJ

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Crossfit Level 2 Trainer

Russian Kettlebell Level 1

Russian Kettlebell Trainer Level 2

Master Kettlebell Trainer – American Kettlebell Association 

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

AFAA – Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Matt Pilates Certified AFAA

Flavia Melo

Flavia is a passionate coach who has been an athlete and fitness enthusiast all her life. She attended Georgia Southern University on a volleyball scholarship, graduated with a BS in Kinesiology/Exercise Science and received her MS in Exercise Physiology from FAU. She immediately saw the value in the core principles of CrossFit– constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity.

Prior to CrossFit, Flavia was pro-beach volleyball player in Brazil for 10 years, moved to the US in 2004, and has been succeeding ever since. Crossfit, as Flavia would say, “just makes so much sense. It is everything I have always believed in…having the speed to sprint from A to B and the endurance to run from A to Z, being able to lift things from the ground, challenging our mind and bodies to learn new skills and get uncomfortable if need be in order to reach our fitness goals”

Outside of the box, Flavia is a mom , a beach volleyball addict, and has an infatuation for travel. She loves the intensity and variety Beach Bound CrossFit has to offer–not to mention the awesome community!


Certifications/Related Experience:

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification
  • Crossfit Mobility Trainer
  • NASM Personal Training
  • Volleyball Coach of The Year -Palm Beach County Athletic Conference (PBC) 2011-2012-   
  • USAV Volleyball Coach
  • Mat Pilates Certified
  • Anatomy Trains I

Research Assistance & Publications:

  • “Effects of Physical Activity on Cognitive Function in Older Adults” (Spring 2011).
  •   “Preventing Volleyball Injuries” (Published, AVCA, November 2010)
  •  “Shod vs. Unshod: The Effects on Running Economy in Recreational Female Distance Runners” (Spring 2010)
  •   “The Effects of High Intensity Interval Training on Mitochondrial Function in Older Women” (Spring 2009

Samuel Morel

Samuel P. Morel Coach Samuel is a highly skilled bi-lingual athlete who presents more than 20 years of athletic excellence, ranging from Olympic style Weightlifting to Fitness Conditioning for himself and a large quantity of clients list from teen-agers to senior citizens well into their 70’s.
He has developed, implemented and taught more than 100 courses and clinics both in the United States and Europe, training French Ranked Weightlifters, Pro MMA Free Fighters, as well as High School, Collegiate and Military athletes.
As a young man, Samuel represented France as an International Basketball Player and Olympic Weightlifter. Due to an unfortunate motorcycle accident, he was forced to refocus his athletic passion to the well-being of others, and began his studies in Osteopathic and Rehabilitation for injured and handicapped individuals. Upon recovery, Coach Samuel joined the French Army and was responsible for Training and medical Management of more than 1,700 US Military and Civilian Personnel in high risk environment in overseas. His vast training and experience provides a wide range of athletic and therapeutic services.
As an example, Coach Samuel was charged with the development and physical oversight of Ninja Warrior sites and staff in Germany and Hungary for 2017 and has been asked to participate again in 2018. Coach Samuel holds a Master’s Degree Sports Training Management from the University of Lyon, France – Sports Sciences in Training and Rehabilitation; Osteopathic and Emergency Care, Osteopathic Institute in Paris, France; French Police officer School. He also holds a BEES HACUMESE France in Weightlifting, IFBB National and International Coach, and PNCE 3M Athlete Coach.